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We intimately understand and highly respect the years of dedication and hard work invested in building a company. We recognize that selling a company is one of the most important events of a business owner’s life. The sale of your business can be very stressful. It is imperative that the company be sold to the right buyer while maintaining the business’ confidentiality and minimizing the demand on seller’s time throughout the process. Our team has counseled hundreds of business owners. In fact, we have been on the buy and sell side of our own companies.

We carefully screen buyer prospects using techniques that have been honed over years of experience, and do not share your confidential information with those who do not have the proper skills and assets to consummate a deal.

We also assess the buyer’s intentions and motives for pursuing the opportunity. We work diligently to understand your goals and to advise you through a successful ownership transfer for optimal value.

Please review the summary of our services below:

Valuation & Pricing. Have you ever wondered what your business is worth? Whether you need an informal estimate to satisfy your curiosity or a rigorous appraisal for legal or accounting purposes, we can provide a professional estimate of the fair market value of your business.

Market and Buyer profiling. We consider the competitive landscape and market to determine how best to position your company. Financial buyers, private equity firms and strategic/corporate acquirers are reviewed, and the appropriate targets are selected.

We complete a Confidential Business Review (CBR) with detailed information about your business. This profile is only shared with those who have completed the appropriate NDA(s) and have proven that they have the necessary skillset, financial wherewithal and motives to consummate a deal.

Internet and Direct Marketing. Specific internet Merger & Acquisition and Business-for-Sale sites are utilized to reach buyers that are ACTIVE in the market – blind announcements or listings are utilized to protect confidentiality. The language in all blind ads will be approved by the seller before being posted to the sites. For companies that we believe would appeal to Strategic Buyers we produce a Market Sector Analysis. For Private Equity and Corporate Buyers we spend time finalizing our targets so we can then implement a direct marketing campaign to the CEO’s we have selected as our top tier targets. We also have many qualified buyers in our database that we contact on behalf of our sellers.

Buyer Screening. We rigorously screen buyers to ensure that your confidential information is shared only with those who have the skillset and financial wherewithal to consummate a deal. While skillset and financials are primary, there are many other factors that we screen for in a buyer. Years of experience have helped us define the characteristics of a true buyer. We employ all tools necessary to protect your confidentiality and time spent with prospects.

Financial Assistance. We have extensive experience in business finance and work with a network of lenders who specialize in SBA and business loans. Our lender relationships are very strong, and we can count on them delivering on promises. We have the know-how and relationships that make deals happen.

Offer to Purchase/Negotiation/ Offer Acceptance. As an active member of the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB), we use industry standard purchase documents that have been tried and tested over many years and transactions. Also, we have been involved in hundreds of negotiations and are adept at deal structure. We present the offer to you, along with detailed information on the background of the prospective buyer. Once both parties agree on terms, we have an “offer acceptance” but not a done deal. Nationwide, more than half of offer acceptances fail to progress to closing. Our closing rate is in the 90% range because we know how to manage the steps up to and subsequent to the offer acceptance.

Due Diligence. Nearly all offers are contingent upon the buyer’s inspection and approval of many aspects of the business operation, such as financial records, equipment, contracts/ leases, licenses, inventory, etc. The handling of this “due diligence” phase of the process is critical to ensuring a successful sale. Our extensive experience allows us to foresee the vast majority of due diligence obstacles early in the process. Whenever possible, we guide you to resolve these issues before “offer acceptance”. There are always those hurdles that can only be resolved, or are recognized, after offer acceptance, and we work diligently to solve those problems. It is imperative to always keep a very cool head throughout due diligence and work methodically through the issues that arise.

Closing Preparation. We scrupulously guide sellers and buyers through the closing process using a checklist to ensure that everything necessary to close the sale is ready by the deadline.

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